Apostille stamp in Ukraine

International Bureau of Documents Authentication" has extensive experience in the promoting Apostille on documents. So, once you contact us, you can get documents with Apostille stamp as soon as possible.

What is an Apostille?

Apostille - a simplified form of legalization documents for countries that are parties to the Hague Convention.

Apostilization is necessary to provide document with legal force in another state. Apostille appeared and was adopted as the common international standard form of certification documents to simplify the procedure of legalization. Typically, presence of Apostille stamp on document doesn’t require any other forms of certification documents. Actually Apostille is a stamp that is put only on the original document. Stamp contains information such as the name of the state that issued the Apostille, city and institution in which it was affixed; name, position and signature of the person signing the document; number of  Apostille.

When you send a document, issued in Ukraine, abroad - you need to put an Apostille on it.

There are lots of specific requirements for documents submitted for Apostille stamp. Contacting "International Bureau of Documents Authentication" will help you minimize the time for a properly executed documents.

You can also take advantages of our services by phone, so you get an Apostille without leaving home.

Cost of services:

Apostille Stamp Services




Apostille Stamp in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – notary and court documents,

certificates of: birth, marriage, divorce, death

3 working days

150 UAH.

1 working day

300 UAH


Apostille Stamp in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine – non criminal record, all other documents

3 working days

150 UAH

2 working days

200 UAH

1 working day

500 UAH


Apostille Stamp in the Ministry of Education of Ukraine – diplomas, certificates

1 working day

799 UAH

2 working days

450 UAH

10 working days

250 UAH

20 working days

(on request)

320 UAH

30 working days

200 UAH

Please take note that Apostille stamp is put only on the documents issued on the territory of Ukraine. On foreign documents Apostille stamp is put in those countries where the document was issued. For more information you can visit our page “Apostille abroad”.

If you have any questions about the procedure of Apostilization , you can ask them directly to employees of the  "International Bureau of Documents Authentication" or find information about Apostille in our FAQ section.

Please contact for advice - 044-222-59-73.