Police clearance certificate in Ukraine

Citizens of Ukraine, as well as foreign citizens living in Ukraine, "International Bureau Legalization of Documents" offers help with criminal record (police clearance certificate/ certificate of presence / absence of convictions.)

Certificate of no criminal record is a document issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and indicates the absence or presence of conviction of a person in the Ukraine, for which this certificate is issued. This document is issued by law enforcement agencies regardless of the place of residence.

Certificate of criminal record is valid for 180 days.

Generally, this record is required for presentation at the consulate or at other institutions of foreign countries (when going abroad for employment or enrollment in educational institution in a foreign country, upon marriage to a foreigner, etc.).

Successful receipt of the certificate of no criminal record in most cases depends on correctly completed documents that are submitted in police departments. Filing statement has a number of features that a person, who for the first time came to order such record, won’t know.

Employees of the “International Bureau Legalization of Documents” will self-apply your documents and receive your certificate. You can also use our on-line and phone services, so you get your non criminal record without leaving home.

   Cost of services:




1 business day

300 UAH


3 working days

250 UAH


5 working days

200 UAH

Example of the police clearance certificate:

If you have any questions regarding the procedure of obtaining a certificate of no criminal record, you can ask them directly to employees of the "International Bureau Legalization of Documents" or read the information about the certificate of no criminal record in our FAQ section.

Please contact for advice - 044-222-59-73.