Registration of marriage

Getting married - an important event in everyone's life. More common in recent years become marriages between citizens of different states.

Where better to register the marriage - in Ukraine or abroad?

Our unambiguous recommendation - in your interest to register the marriage in Ukraine. It is highly desirable to avoid potential problems that may arise in the future. Because, unfortunately, people are not only married, but divorced as well, and in case of marriage dissolution in the presence of children or property disputes, divorce will have execute to court. And once you are citizen of Ukraine it will be much more cheaper to solve such disputes In Ukrainian courts.

For a marriage to a foreign citizen you will need a number of documents. If the documents of the Ukrainian side is obvious - only a passport is required, then a foreign bride or groom need much more. A list of these documents is individual and depends on the country of nationality of the foreigner.

Here is a list of basic documents required from foreign side wishing to marry in Ukraine:

• Passport (original and notarized translation);

• Marriage dissolution certificate (for citizens previously been married).

Attention!  All foreign documents must be written in a foreign language and apostilled in the country in which they were issued. If a country is not a party to the Hague Convention (such as Brazil, Canada, China) documents instead of the Apostille must have consular legalization. Already in Ukraine should be made translation of documents into Ukrainian and notarized by a notary. A translation in another country is a mistake! You can order document translation services directly at the “International Bureau of Legalization of documents”.

According to the law, marriage registration required the attendance of both spouses. A foreign citizen who came for this purpose must be legal in Ukraine.

Registration of marriage with a foreigner - not an easy procedure and the employees of the “International Bureau Legalization of documents” are experts in the field of family law, we have enormous experience - from properly completed documents to the right course of action. Mistakes can result in denial of marriage registration, and your groom or bride will have to come to Ukraine several times.

Cost of services:





Registration of marriage with a foreigner

1-2 days

310 ?

5 days

300 ?


Registration of marriage between citizens of Ukraine

1 day

300 ?

5 days

290 ?


Skilled experts of the "International Bureau Legalization of Documents":

• consult you on matters relating to the marriage;

• advise what documents are needed from the foreign fiance (groom) in your situation;

• perform professional translation of foreign documents;

• coordinate with the registration authority package of documents that must be submitted for the marriage;

• Help to apply for marriage registration without waiting in line and at a convenient time

(Requires the presence of both bride and groom);

• will make you an advance on the agreed date of solemn registration of marriage;

• provide legal support in case of any problems during the period from applying to the marriage, including, if necessary, consulting future foreign husband (wife) after his arrival in Ukraine (in English).

Please bring your passport and if available, copies of future foreign wife or husband


If you have any questions about the procedure of marriage with a foreigner, you can ask them directly to employees of the “International Bureau Legalization of Documents."


Please contact for advice - 044-222-59-73.