Marriage abroad (bride visa, visa for the purpose of marriage)

Bride Visa - type of visa that is intended to enter the country for the purpose of marriage. This visa is also called visa for marriage or marriage abroad. Bride Visa differs from Travel Visa by guest duration and the actual official permission to marry a party that invites.
Bride Visa must be obtained by submitting the documents to the embassy of the country of the groom / bride. In some countries this type of visa initiates by groom, he should contact the immigration authorities of his country to issue you such a visa.

Key documents for marriage with a foreigner:
• Birth certificate
• Certificate of divorce or judgment (if marriage is not the first)
• Certificate of marital status (statement certified by a notary)
• Certificate of residence.
• Certificate of no criminal record

All documents are issued in accordance with the requirements of the country in which the marriage is concluded. In most cases, the documents should be with an apostille stamp and should be performed with a notarized translation. Otherwise consular legalization took place.

Want to know more about the Bride Visa ?
Each country, and sometimes in a particular city, has a number of specific requirements for registration of necessary documents ,provided for registration of marriage abroad. Contacting the "International Bureau Legalization of Documents" will help you minimize your time and costs and receive visa as soon as possible.

Below is a list of states, visa support services in which are most often ordered by our clients:

Cost of services:
Number Country for which visa is obtained Cost of consultations Cost of filling necessary forms
1 Australia 600 UAH 800 UAH
2 Austria 400 UAH 500 UAH
3 Belgium 500 UAH 500 UAH
4 Bulgaria 400 UAH 500 UAH
5 UK 500 UAH 600 UAH
6 Greece 400 UAH 500 UAH
7 Denmark 400 UAH 500 UAH
8 Israel 400 UAH 500 UAH
9 Spain 400 UAH 500 UAH
10 Italy 400 UAH 500 UAH
11 Canada 800 UAH 800 UAH
12 Latvia 400 UAH 500 UAH
13 Lithuania 400 UAH 500 UAH
14 Liechtenstein 400 UAH 500 UAH
15 Luxembourg 400 UAH 500 UAH
16 Morocco 400 UAH 500 UAH
17 Netherlands 400 UAH 500 UAH
18 Germany 400 UAH 500 UAH
19 New-Zealand 600 UAH 800 UAH
20 Norway 400 UAH 500 UAH
21 Poland 400 UAH 500 UAH
22 Portugal 400 UAH 500 UAH
23 Romania 400 UAH 500 UAH
24 Slovak Republic 400 UAH 500 UAH
25 United States 600 UAH 800 UAH
26 Turkey 400 UAH 500 UAH
27 Finland 400 UAH 500 UAH
28 France 500 UAH 600 UAH
29 Czech Republic 400 UAH 500 UAH
30 Switzerland 500 UAH 600 UAH
31 Sweden 400 UAH 500 UAH
32 Japan 600 UAH 800 UAH

Please note that the value mentioned above include consulting services for the whole period of preparation of documents and the cost of completing the visa applications. Separately payable services are legalization and translation of documents.
If you have any questions about Family Reunification procedures, you can ask them directly to employees of the “International Bureau Legalization of Documents" or find out information about Family Reunification visas in our FAQ section.

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