Marriage contract

Marriage agreement (contract) causes the considerable interest to itself and numerous questions from lawyers and citizens who wish to enter into such an agreement. However, abroad, unlike our country, marriage contract a long time ago has become the norm, providing civilized relationships and entering into the marriage contract is commonplace, especially when concluding remarriage.

A marriage contract is an agreement of persons who are married, shall be concluded in writing form and certified by a notary. A marriage contract can be signed by persons who have applied for marriage registration, and by already married. Thus, the marriage contract is intended to resolve exceptionally property relations of the family and can not relate to the personal relationship of marriage.

Why do you need a marriage contract?

A marriage contract is called to protect your personal property. Do not forget that all your assets and income - movable and immovable property, cars, personal belongings, income from business and any other income - are your common property.

With the help of marriage contract spouses can alter the following provisions:
• Rights and responsibilities for the mutual maintenance;
• Forms of participation in the income of the spouses;
• Procedure for incurring expenses of the family;
• Property transferred between spouses while divorce;
• Other provisions relating to their property relations.

The rights and responsibilities described in the marriage contract may be limited to pre-established terms or becomes dependent on the occurrence or non-occurrence of certain conditions.

Why marriage contract is not worth ordering at the notary?
Notaries do not prepare you for the marriage contract, they just print out ready templates. Exactly the same can be found in any search engine. We provide unique approach for drafting marriage contracts. All you will need is no more than 1-2 hours of free time to coordinate all the conditions of the marriage contract.

Cost of services:
Number Service Price
1 Drafting of a marriage contract 500 UAH
2 Drafting of complicated marriage contract 800 UAH

What do you need for the conclusion of the marriage contract?
No documents and hassle from your side! In order to make a legally correct marriage contract, please contact us and we'll provide everything at the highest level.
If you have any questions about Marriage contract procedures, you can ask them directly to employees of the “International Bureau Legalization of Documents" or find out information about Marriage contract visas in our FAQ section.

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