Nostrification of the foreign educational documents

If you studied abroad, but want to continue your education or want to work on a specialty in Ukraine, you need to go through the procedure of recognition of educational documents (Nostrification).

"International Bureau Legalization of Documents" provides in Ukraine services of Nostrification of educational documents issued by educational institutions of foreign countries - diplomas, certificates, academic records, extracts of estimates.

The term Nostrification means recognition and equivalence of educational documents of foreign countries on equivalent educational documents issued in Ukraine.

Nostrification procedure includes:

· Passing a number of checks to establish the authenticity of the document;

· Expertise to establish the equivalence of qualifications assigned in accordance with the educational documents issued by educational institutions of foreign countries.

The final result of the validation documents and qualification equivalence is the decision of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on recognition of foreign credentials in Ukraine.

Required documents for Nostrification

To order the Nostrification services of foreign school certificates, diplomas you must submit the following documents:

· Original certificate of education with a notarized translation into Ukrainian;

· Original Diploma Supplement with a notarized translation into Ukrainian;

· Copy of passport;

· Power of attorney on the employees of the "International Bureau legalization of documents.

Cost of services:




Regular  Nostrification

80 working days

1900 uah.

Quick Nostrification

40 working days

2900 uah.

Urgent Nostrification

5 working days

3990 uah.

Standard Nostrification

from 90 working days

1200 uah.

All actions necessary for Nostrification of your documents in Ukraine will be performed by our specialists. You will not need to visit any public institution personally. You will only need to come once to our office to order the service and wait for some time to get documents ready.

If you have any questions about the procedure of Nostrification, you can ask them directly to employees of the "International Bureau Legalization of Documents" or find information about Nostrification in our FAQ section.

Please contact for advice - 044-222-59-73.